Monday, 15 October 2007

So nice to be back...

Well, time has flown by since I last posted and I think I am ready to start blogging again. The trip to Vietnam & Cambodia turned out great, hot and humid and my first time in Asia It was filled with beautiful scenery, serious poverty, delicious food and a new view of the world. The 5 weeks following that I was in Seattle and it was absolutely wonderful to see my family. Getting things ready for the american wedding was hectic but great and filled with lots of great moments with friends and family. The time went by way too fast but it makes me want to go back and visit more often.

After Seattle it was back to Paris for work for the week, hopping down to Lyon for training and now I am back in my little village where the sun is shining and we just spent a great weekend with friends at the Refuge de Mayères. Plus, on Friday I had my first volleyball practice. I just joined the Pré-national volleyball team, a kind of relatively local, womens league. It felt so good to get into the gym and play some volleyball. Bonus, that for the most part I have found that female volleyball players are a pretty fun and intelligent bunch and so far my theory is holding. So things are going well. Life is busy and challenging but I am thankful for the opportunity to test my limits and step out of my comfort zone and in doing so, become a stronger and more capable woman. Hope all is well with you!

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Emily said...

Welcome back! Hope to see you soon. :)