Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mazel tov

I was with some french friends for a gift exchange on Sunday. We were talking about everything that has been going on since we all got together last and what had caught our interest recently. CB is a dancer, a really talented dancer and she showed us this clip and I just had to pass it along. I'm sure for those on the other side of the Atlantic this is nothing new but I figure it can't hurt. I could watch it on repeat, it makes me so happy.

She brought this up because they are going to do the same flash mob dance in Annecy this Saturday at Courrier. I hope I can make it. What is it about choreographed dancing in public places that makes a person smile all the way down to their bones? I guess it's the fantasy that we, or this could just be me, all want a soundtrack in our lives and people breaking into song and dance. Flash mobs are such a wonderful thing to come from the interwebz. I also think this song couldn't be more perfect for thousands of people dancing together. Anyway, I just couldn't resist posting this clip. Hope it made you smile a little, or you know, all the way down to your bones.