Wednesday, 23 April 2008

tap, tap, this thing on??

Hello, it's me. I'm back from my brief hiatus. Things are going well. Life is rolling along. New big changes are on their way. I got a job. in Annecy. in export. doing what I do now. but bigger and better. and 100% not from a home office. It means a lot of changes but I feel ready and happy and excited! The timing is impeccable. I'm really excited. Did I mention that? So excited.

I feel like the part of me that got shut down by working from home and being pretty isolated from social contact is coming back. It's freeing. Other than having a pretty impossible time keeping concentrated on finishing up last projects for my work, everything is peachy. The world seems bigger and better with new possibilities.

Indoor volleyball is almost over. Outdoor starts shortly. Things are warming up, the sun is coming out and things are looking up. And it might snow again, it seems like every other morning I wake up to snow fall but at least for me, it feels like spring has finally sprung.