Monday, 4 February 2008

just a quick update

MIA, slightly. I have been busy though...I spent a week in Prague for work. I loved it. The city is just beautiful. Work was great and I was really in my element and it was nice to give a presentation in english instead of in french. Yahoo for simplicity and easy improvisation in my native language. I jetted up to Paris for the weekend to catch up with a good friend from college that I hadn't seen in a quite awhile. It was great to experience Paris as a tourist again. We went to the Rodin museum and walked all over. The Rodin museum was fantastic, plus it was just a beautiful day in Paris, sunny and crisp.

Other than that I have been keeping a pretty low profile. I have a delightful new (home) office. Thanks to IKEA. It's heavenly to be at a real desk with a comfy office chair. Also, I decided to start training for the Annecy Half-Marathon on April 13th. If anyone wants to join me? Please do! I am excited to set a goal and go after it. So all in all, things are going well. The tourists have arrived in our little village and there is excitement and activities going on all around. I'm off for a little espresso at my favorite cafe. Also, just a side note, I have decided to commit to updating my blog twice weekly. Tuesday and Friday. We'll see how that goes but I think it makes posting easier if I set a schedule. Hope all is well with you!