Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Today and yesterday but hopefully not tomorrow.

I am trying so hard. I'm trying to make people understand my sarcasm and my jokes. I'm trying to be comfortable in social situations, talking with people that I don't know and ignoring that face they make, the I'm really trying to understand what you are saying because you have an accent and you clearly don't know how to speak french face. You know, it's not like I just started speaking the language yesterday. I am trying to say it's great to work from home when I know that I'm really a social person. A social person who can feel that her social skills have atrophied and are disappearing. I'm trying not to hate being here because I love someone who loves it here. I am trying to be positive but today, it's absolutely exhausting.

Thursday, 10 May 2007


I am craving s'mores - the sticky, gooey mess of lightly charred marshmallow with chocolate on a crispy graham cracker. The sunshine today made me want to go camping and eat smores, lots and lots of smores. Make a campfire and afterwards go to bed fully dressed smelling like smoke and drift off to sleep snug in my sleeping bag.