Monday, 14 January 2008

weekend update

Quick update: We had our anniversary dinner at newly renovated, Le Bistro in Chamonix. Menu decouverte - truffes. 4 courses, black truffles in everyone. Need I say more? It was delicious. DEE-LICIOUS.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Saturday: Leisurely grocery shopping at the organic grocery store. I love walking in to the place because it smells like PCC or Whole Foods. I feel right at home.

Back home, I puttered around inside as it continued to snow outside. I read and napped and waited until the very last minute to make a lemon cake for our post volleyball buffet. Despite the time crunch and thanks to some rapid cooling on the window sill in the chilly weather, it was glazed and ready when it was time to leave. (and was very well received, I am happy to report.)

First volleyball match after the break, we were sluggish! We won the first two games but were down 22-16 in the third. I rattled off about 7 serves and tied it up. We finished it 26-24 and I got to end it on on a big kill from the back row. Lots of fun.

Sunday: I helped out at the World Cup Skier Cross competition. It was a gorgeous day with fresh new snow and beautiful sunshine. If you aren't familiar with such a competition, it's essentially 4 skiers go down a course with lots of big jumps as fast as they can and whomever crosses the finish line first wins, or the top 2 move on to the next round depending where they are in the competition. To distinguish between the skiers they must wear colored pinnies or dossards. There was a shortage of dossards so my job was to collect them from the skiers at the finish of the race and then take the ski-lift up to the start of the race and hand them off and then ski down and repeat. It turned out we had enough people helping that you could take your time and hang out and watch a fair amount of the race. I took advantage of the sunshine and hung out at the top of the race. And in a show of extreme vanity, I placed myself right behind the gates where the skiers start so that I would be on Eurosport.

The final race finished and they made it through the day with only one dislocated shoulder and one broken nose. It's tends to be a pretty dangerous sport. They last time I helped out with this someone broke a leg and was airlifted off the mountain. I felt so bad for the girl that dislocated her shoulder she was still wearing her dossard and the woman in charge of getting the pinnies kept asking her for hers, if she could help her take it off, I mean literally in her face. The poor girl didn't even have her arm back in the socket when the woman kept asking for her pinnie. The doctor's finally convinced her to lay-off and from that point on she was helpful and held the girl's hand while they were trying to put her arm back in place. I was there when the guy came through with a broken nose, his pinnie was blood covered. I'm surprised she didn't harass him. Get out a little Javel and try to scrub it down. I asked his team doctor if the guy wanted a ride down on a snowmobile since I heard the injured skiing saying he really wanted to move as little as possible. He said, "Hell no, he's a cowboy. He's fine." I hope the french didn't hear that between Dubya and this guy it's no wonder they think everyone is from Texas and likes to rope and ride.

Finished up the evening by bundling up and and watching the freestyle half-pipe competition with Alex. I had on my big down mittens and ski pants and parka. Definitely sacrificed style for comfort and warmth. Thank goodness I did. It was fun and there were a lot of people that turned out to watch the event. We rounded out the evening with some mexican food or you know as close as you can get here. All in all, a great weekend.

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Liz said...

I could kick myself for not going to Chamonix last weekend. Nearly everyone I've talked to this week was there, and it sounds like it was amazing...