Thursday, 27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This year, instead of moping over missing out on the big meal with my family or griping that people can't pronounce the Th this holiday, I'm celebrating in my own thankful little way. There is too much to be happy about and so much for which I am grateful. This year my only goal is to brighten the day of those around me. I'm sharing a meal of love and kindness. Aren't I the joyful little pilgrim?!

my list o' thanks...

I am thankful for my wonderful family that loves me across oceans and that I love all the way back. I'm thankful for a wonderful husband that makes me smile and fall in love all over again every time we are together. I'm thankful for my job that sends me to new countries and motivates me to work even harder. I'm thankful for a lovely group of new friends in Annecy. I'm thankful for my friends at home that stay in touch and make me feel apart of all that's going on. I'm thankful for this life and this day. I'm excited for this winter for the challenges it will bring, for the rough patches, the smooth spots and everything in between. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Leah said...

What a nice post. Happy Thanksgiving, have a great one!