Thursday, 28 June 2007


While I was waiting for my train at the Gare de Lyon after this last trip to Paris I took a seat at the benches. Watching as the train departure time gets closer and closer and the number of people bobbing and weaving through the crowds, sprinting to make it in time. It's like you're at the races. Monsieur with the black suitcase is in the lead, we've got hippie university student coming quickly on the left, at the turn it's.. Monsieur to take back the lead but coming from behind, it's the sweaty adolescent. SWEATY ADOLESCENT HAS TAKEN THE RACE!
The excitement, the tension, the disappointment for those that cut it a bit to close.

Also good entertainment was to be found in the people seated near me. It was a group of Americans. One mother with about 3 teenage girls. She had a slight drawl, the girls didn't sound like they had accents. The mother spoke loudly and kept things classy. Pointing out to the girls which boys she thought looked "haawt." "Oh he's yummy, I like myself a tall man. When I was in college, I dated a boy, really successful laaawyerrr. Really rich, you know, but he just wasn't tall enough, I just knew I waaasn't gonna marry hiyimm. Ooh, what do you girls think about that boy over there? " I think you get the idea. It was embarassing. I mean she didn't seem to be embarassed but I guess there's just no blending for some people. One of my favorite stories about american tourists abroad is by David Sedaris. You can listen to him read it aloud in this episode of This American Life.


ColourMeCrazy said...

I just hopped over here from Emily's blog.
Hehe - that story is quite funny. I love people watching!
But you know, it's not just the American tourists. French tourists in Malaysia are also downright embarrassing - esp. when you understand what they are saying!

in the Alps said...

I believe it!

The Late Bloomer said...

This story was hilarious! You can definitely see some interesting tourists in French train stations, that's for sure -- and we Americans are the best for talking loud. And I imagine I've probably made a fool out of myself when traveling too, so I should talk!

I saw your comment on DestinationMetz's page, I think, so I popped on over here... Hope you're settling in well!