Thursday, 22 March 2007

joyeux anniversaire

I just celebrated my 26th birthday. It was one of my best yet. AM organized a surprise party with all of our friends. It started off with delicious champagne, the same that we had at our wedding and fantastic hors d'oeuvres prepared by my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. The whole evening was hilarious and all the boys were pulling pranks left and right. My friend, Jen, from L.A. and her mom were in town to enjoy the festivities as well. It was one of those evenings where you just don't stop laughing. After drinking and more dancing late into the night, it ended with Jen and I eating oreos and all-natural peanut butter from Ashland, Oregon at 4 in the morning. Delicious!
We woke up to a beautiful day and went up skiing. A day where the Alps stretched out forever and one that made me remember why I love it here. A very happy birthday.


Emily said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Happy belated, fellow Aries. :)

Amie said...

You are going to love 26. It's a great age. Enjoy!